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double shot iced shaken [at home]

this post is dedicated for my love to Starbucks’s double shot iced shaken menu.

during this pandemic and the fact that i am not longer working at the office which placed on top of the mall, makes me wanting to drink a delicious cup of coffee, but at home.

there are a lot of coffee milk stores in a 1L or 500ml bottle, but i think that would be too much spends of money if i keep bought those bottles for my daily coffee.

i’ve been browsing a lot of recipe on pinterest, googles and even TikTok (there are a lots of coffee recipe videos). I found this recipes with a little modification for my needed.

Lets jump to the recipe!

The ingredients :
💜 1/2 cups of fresh-brewed coffee (ratio 1:2.2) or you can use 2 sachets Nescafe Classics
💜 1/4 cups of fresh milk (plain)
💜 3 tsp of sugars (or less)
💜 1/2 cups of ice cubes (or more if you love ice!)
💜 2 tbsp of caramel sauces (or more as much as you want!)

Tools :
💜 SHAKERS or any bottle or cup with lid.
💜 spoon

💜 STEP 1:
pour the coffee to the shakers along with sugars, stir until the sugars disolves with
coffee with spoon.
💜 STEP 2:
add 3 ice cubes, fresh milk and caramel syrups. close the lid and shake for 30 seconds.
💜 STEP 3:
prepare your glass / tumbler with a lot of ice cubes, pour the coffee.
💜 STEP 4:

i hope you like the recipes.

enjoy and don’t forget wear your mask if you need to buy the ingredients 😌😷



eugene 🖤

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almost end.

good evening /
good morning /
good afternoon

wherever you are.

it is nearly end of 2020.
for almost 9 months the world is shocked by the pandemic.
lots of changes in daily activity.
many of them losing their loved one.
losing their job, hope and questioning their future.

there is not always bad or good things. but both.
this pandemic, this quarantine life, the new activity are gave us both bad and good things in our life.

for myself, at the first week of quarantine days, for the very first time in March 2020, i finally can took a little breath from overworking.

I was usually go to bed at 3 a.m or 4 a.m and woke up at 7 a.m.
I was an auditor back then. the money was good, but really bad for my mental health.

even i still need to working 20 hours non stop during quarantine days, at least I was working at home. no need to suffer looking for a cab at midnight. no need to suffer from lack of sleep.

but still in the end, I got a new job with a 9 to 5 working style.

God i love him :”)

during this pandemic, i spent my time mostly on phone. going through pages by pages of Twitter and YouTube. I even installed TikTok App on my phone and getting into the biggest fandom in the world with their famous icon : purple heart.

i am so happy until now. BTS really gives me happiness.

thanks to Agust D on YouTube. i’m not even regret when i found out that you and Yoongi is the same person.

like right now, every second of my day is always about them. i don’t even know why am i like this.

it’s like, what’s just happend girl?

back to the first topic.

i finally finished my tax course and i am trying to improve my grammar.
i bought many books and only read about 20 pages of each books. i’m still trying to bringing back the old habit : reading.
back then, i could finish reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in a day but now not even 20 pages finished in one whole day.

maybe that’s because i feel like more enjoying the website world than books.

there are lots of things has changed in my life and mostly were positives changes.

I really hope that everyone also feeling the same as I am, even in a different way, but I’m sure there is a positive changes in your new life.

2020 will end soon and I really hope they found the medicine and everything back to normal.

let’s hope 2021 is a great year.


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before knowing.

this quarantine brings many new things into my life.

it all started with Jackson Wang, a singer from China (which i know that he always mention China) and Jackson are one part with 88rising.

I really like his appearance with Joji, which later I knew if the “Walking” song was part from Jackson album and he brings Joji as features which is the best decision because that attracts me.

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three things that i can’t live without.

been a long time for not having time even just to take a deep long breath every morning.

right now i’m sitting in Starbucks at 8:00, waiting for my team members shown up. we’re about to going to the next client in Cibubur. it’s takes around 1 or 2 hours to get there and as always, i come first.

i don’t want to waste my time waiting by doing nothing. i’m to lazy to open my working paper, finishing what’s not my responsibility.

waiting for 9:00 to watching the finale episode of Game of Thrones, i think it’s better to open my wordpress and writing some thoughts.

it’s come right after i ordered iced coffee and i was thinking, why should i order this?every morning.

i look at every person that standing in front of me, looking at the menus and thinking. what should i order today? what should i take to make my day better? to pump up my energy to start the day? to increasing my mood stay up until 17:00?

then i started to think, what is exactly the things, the real things, that i really needed in my life.

A. Coffee

a cup of americano with ices, its really good for me. after an hours trapped inside of train, squished by people, burned by the sun while catching the bus. i think i deserved to drink iced americano or at least iced coffee to relax.

Iced Coffee has caramel and cola flavor notes. An Iced Americano features rich espresso, topped off with crema.

uh yeah.

B. Phone

how can you forget this little thing? this thing is everything. your life is there.

C. Headphone

yes, i will going to be mad if i forgot to bring headphone. you need your time to think. by listening to the music, you can avoid people. there are so many annoying people out there. when i really need my time alone, i’m using my headphone, make my own world, finishing my job in time, makes my brain working faster.

at the end, you will took something unnecessary things.

the problem is, how can you manage your brain to ignore those things by having a minimalist life.



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beauty on duty

jadi… selama dua minggu ini, gue menghabiskan waktu di Karawang untuk urusan kerja.

untuk fisik, tetep Tolak Angin (no sugar pastinya), yang jadi andalan.

untuk wajah, sempat ada berubah.

karena gue terlalu tergesa-gesa jadi lupa bawa si c-source dan aloe vera kebanggaan.

malam-malam gue bergantung dengan skincare seadanya yang udah ada di pouch.

namun, kenyataan berkata lain.

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